Elvis Presley's blue suede shoes sell for $150k at auction

Singer wore shoes both on and off stage, later gifted them to a friend

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Elvis Presley wore the famous shoes during a 1956 appearance on "The Steve Allen Show." (Credit: Henry Aldridge & Son)

Elvis Presley’s blue suede shoes sold for $150,000 at auction via Henry Aldridge & Son on Friday.

The shoes were worn by Presley during the 1950s both on and off stage, including during a 1956 appearance on “The Steve Allen Show” in which he performed "Hound Dog" as well as a comedy skit with Andy Griffith, during which he directly mentioned the shoes. On the night before leaving for the army in 1958, Presley gave the shoes to his close friend Alan Fortas.

Fortas wrote in a letter of authenticity accompanying the lot: “The night before Elvis' army induction here in Memphis, Elvis had an all-night party at Graceland. Afterwards we went to the Rainbow roller rink. When we all got home Elvis called some of us upstairs and was giving away some of his clothes he didn't think he would be wearing or wanted when he came back from the army. That night Elvis gave me these blue suede shoes size 10 1/2. I've owned these all these years.”

Jimmy Velvet, a longtime friend of Elvis’ and the founder of the Elvis Presley Museum, authenticated the shoes, which are described in the song “Blue Suede Shoes,” which appeared on his debut album.

Earlier this year, Presley's famous home, Graceland, was declared to be in foreclosure with an auction soon to follow. However, Presley's descendants filed a lawsuit disputing the claims of the company claiming to hold the rights to auction the home, which said a loan was taken out against the home and never paid back. A Tennessee judge issued in order to halt the auction as a matter of “public interest,” according to Forbes.

A recording of Elvis’ first song, “My Happiness,” sold in 2015 for $300,000.

In 2020, a guitar described as “Elvis Presley’s most important guitar ever to come to auction,” sold for $1.32 million.

Will Stern is a reporter and editor for cllct.