Wizards and magicians captivate weekend auction audiences

Auctions this weekend were spearheaded by two of Will Stern's favorite items of the year thus far: a signed "Harry Potter" card and a Harry Houdini handwritten press release.

The "Harry Potter" Artbox card signed by Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Rupert Grint (Ron) and Emma Watson (Hermione) fetched over $40,000 at Goldin in what Stern and Darren Rovell believe to be a "great" figure, especially considering the two most prominent versions of the card have both been up for auction recently.

From wizards to magicians, Houdini's handwritten release somehow failed to hit reserve in its second auction appearance of the year. Rovell and Stern believe the more it comes to auction, the more it hurts the item's value.

A Marilyn Monroe signed photograph also failed to hit reserve and are there bad signs on the horizon for the video game and cassette markets?

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