More than $200,000 worth of stolen LEGO sets recovered by Oregon police

The search warrant uncovered 4,153 stolen sets

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Suspects stole LEGO sets and quickly sold them to a Eugene, Oregon shop. (Credit: Springfield Police)

More than $200,000 worth of LEGO sets were recovered by Springfield Police in Eugene, Oregon, after a three-month investigation, the SPD shared in a Facebook post Tuesday.

Earlier this month, SPD served a search warrant at the Brick Builders store after evidence indicated the store’s owner, Ammon Henrikson, had been knowingly purchasing stolen LEGO sets in new, unopened condition.

The police described suspects stealing hundreds of dollars worth of LEGO sets at a time and quickly turning around to bring the items to the Brick Builders store in exchange for cash, which was noted to be frequently a “fraction of their actual retail value.”

During interviews, multiple suspects tipped off authorities that the employees at Brick Builders were aware of the stolen status of the items.

To confirm Henrikson’s involvement, SPD worked with investigators from Target, Fred Meyer, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart, each of which had been victimized in the thefts.

“We all feel the impact of organized retail theft through the increasing cost of items we buy for our families. Recognizing this, SPD’s Crime Reduction Unit, with the support of our retail partners, works diligently to hold accountable those who make the choice to engage in or support retail theft. SPD is proud of the work of our officers, and we are committed to the pursuit of those behind these crimes in our community.” SPD chief Andrew Shearer said in a statement.

Many of the suspects who received cash for the stolen LEGO sets went on to use the money to purchase illicit drugs, per the SPD.

Henrikson, 47, has been charged with Organized Retail Theft and Theft I by Receiving.

The search warrant uncovered 4,153 sets valued at more than $200,000.

In addition to multiple high-profile sports card heists in recent months, LEGO has seen its fair share of nefarious activity, most recently in a Southern California bust which resulted in the discovery of 3,000 boxes of LEGO sets and the arrest of two suspects.

Much like other collectibles, LEGO prices surged during the pandemic, with sales rising 14 percent in the first half of 2020, according to CNN.

Will Stern is a reporter and editor for cllct.