Michael Jordan rookie cards from secret signing entered in PSA data base

Six cards, all graded PSA 10, will be on display at The National in Cleveland later this month

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One autograph expert estimates the signed cards are worth around $500,000 apiece. (Credit: PSA)

The Michael Jordan 1986-87 Fleer rookie cards that were signed in a private signing, have finally been scanned into PSA's population report.

PSA posted a reel on Instagram on Saturday promoting the July '24 issue of its magazine, which will have a Michael Jordan variant cover that will only be available at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland later this month. The issue features a story on the cards and photos of six of the signed rookies — all graded PSA 10.

The cards all contained various inscriptions such as "84/85 ROY" on this one. (Credit: PSA)
The cards all contained various inscriptions such as "84/85 ROY" on this one. (Credit: PSA)

Autograph card collector Shaan Gandhi took the certification numbers and typed them into PSA's system for a closer look and then shared it on social media.

So, how do they rate?

"The blue sharpie was the right pen in my opinion, but it should have been the fine point one," Gandhi told cllct.

"Some have said the collector should have used a silver or gold paint pens," Gandhi added. "Those are both liquid-based, and I just think the risk was just too high to do that."

The signatures graded very well, with all the autographs grading at 10/10.

Gandhi's other criticism was of one of the inscriptions. On four of the cards, Jordan had inscriptions, including "5x NBA MVP," "6x NBA CHAMP," "84/85 ROY" and "87/88 DPOY."

"I'm not sure why you would waste one on Defensive Player of the Year," Gandhi said. "I would assume the most natural inscriptions would be 'Air Jordan' or 'HOF,' but perhaps there were some stipulations around not signing that."

The six cards will be on display at the National later this month in Cleveland, PSA announced.

It is not known when any of the cards will come to market, but Gandhi has his predictions.

"I think the first inscription one will do $500,000 to $800,000, and the first just Jordan signed will do $300,000 to $500,000," Gandhi said. "The numbers will probably slowly come down from there as more hit the market, if they do."

In April, cllct broke the story that Jordan had a private signing in which he signed 10 Fleer rookies.

Sources then told cllct that collector paid PSA to fly down to Florida, where the signing took place, to witness the signing and to make sure everything went smoothly. A source with knowledge of the signing said Jordan did not get paid.

The story in the July edition of PSA Magazine does not offer details about the signing and doesn't disclose the collector's name.

"It wasn't about the money," the collector told the magazine. "Not once did I think about the money. We all know the valuations. We all know what this potentially is worth. But I couldn't believe that my life came to a point where I accomplished everything I set out to on the Michael Jordan side."

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