MLB's 2024 promos: Grading all 30 teams' best giveaways

From bobbleheads to jerseys to beer steins, we grade every team's best giveaway item

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Mark your calendar for the best major-league ballpark giveaways in 2024.

There’s nothing quite like going to a ballgame in the summer. The fresh air, the smell of popcorn, the crack of the bat ... and a bobblehead related to a concert involving a witch doctor 20 years ago.

Trust me, it will all make sense in a bit.

With the 2024 Major League Baseball season underway, teams are already rolling out promotional items to lure fans to the ballpark. Cllct went through the stadium-giveaway calendar for all 30 MLB teams and identified the best item from each club.

Here's our report card for every club:

Arizona Diamondbacks: Corbin Carroll NL ROY bobblehead

In his rookie campaign last year, Carroll finished fifth in NL MVP voting behind a .285/.362/.868 slash line, while hitting 25 homers, stealing 54 bases and leading the NL in triples (10).

Grade: C- — The Rookie of the Year bobblehead was a given for the Diamondbacks, and it's a prize collectors certainly would like to own. However, this isn’t the best promo on Arizona's calendar — it just happens to be the one that will last the longest. The best promotion is the "s’wag’ bag" from the Bark in the Park Day. But as a dog-owner, I know the items in that bag won’t last beyond a week. Thus, the Carroll bobblehead gets the nod, when it shouldn’t.

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Atlanta Braves: Hank Aaron 715th homer bobblehead

The Braves chose that exact moment to showcase on the 715 bobblehead: Aaron smiling, raising the ball in his right hand. The bobblehead will feature a “715” written behind him in the font of the scoreboard from Atlanta Fulton-County Stadium.

Grade: A — How can it not be an A? The Braves have several unique promotions this season, including a paint your own bobblehead for Blooper the mascot, a Michael Harris II chain and even team-issued swim goggles. But nothing beats Aaron's bobblehead on the 50-year anniversary of No. 715.

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Baltimore Orioles: 70th anniversary replica jersey

To honor the 70th anniversary of the franchise, the Orioles are giving away 20,000 replica jerseys from their debut season. Baltimore finished 54-100 in 1954, 57 games out of first place. This year, I’m not sure Orioles fans will accept anything short of 100 wins.

Grade: C- — The jerseys are plain, very plain. And they appear to be more T-shirt material than jersey. The O’s would get a standard C if the promotion was available for everyone. I’m not sure why you must be at least 15 years old to receive a T-shirt, which seems to be a standard the franchise uses for most of its promotions.

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Boston Red Sox: Jimmy Buffett "Margaritaville" bobblehead

According to, Buffett brought a witch doctor on stage for that first show to help break the “Curse of the Bambino”. Five weeks later, the Red Sox became the only team in MLB history ever to come back from a 3-0 series deficit, doing so against the Yankees in the ALCS. Following their historic 4-3 series win over New York, Boston cakewalked through the World Series, sweeping the Cardinals and winning its first World Series since 1918.

In honor of Buffett helping to break the curse, the Red Sox are having a “Margaritaville Night” on the 20-year anniversary of Buffett’s first show at Fenway. Fans who purchase VIP tickets can receive a bobblehead of Buffett poking his head out of the Green Monster scoreboard, which is inspired by the cover photo on his album, "Live at Fenway Park."

Grade: A — Buffett helped end one of the greatest curses in professional sports. Plus, the bobblehead is an image of an actual album cover with Jimmy in the Green Monster. Come Monday, I think we will all agree this deserves an A.

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Chicago Cubs: Pat Hughes sweaters

The first 10,000 fans in attendance against the Dodgers received their own commemorative Pat Hughes sweater, enriched in Cubs colors, with a team logo on the front as well.

Grade: A — It’s unique. While it might be true that no other broadcaster in baseball is wearing these sweaters, no other team is doing a promotion based on a quirky trait of its broadcaster. It’s practical. April games tend not to be the warmest, adding a sweater to the mix can certainly help. It’s flat-out funky. If I were a Cubs fan, I would wear this anywhere, not just Cubs games.

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Chicago White Sox: Southside basketball jersey

The White Sox jersey reads "Southside" on the front, instead of "Chicago." The color scheme, design and the choice to say “Southside” are a perfect mix. The design is a tribute to the former Negro League ball club in Chicago, the American Giants, while “Southside” is an ode to Chicago’s hip-hop culture as well as the working-class mentality of the South Side of Chicago.

And June 29, the first 20,000 fans in attendance will receive a "City Connect" White Sox basketball jersey, with the number 24.

Grade: B- — Because the team's "City Connect" jersey is so awesome, I’d much rather the White Sox give out baseball jerseys to their fans than a basketball jersey. I also think a nice touch would be if it wasn’t number 24, and the jerseys instead honored a player on the team this season or a former player.

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Cincinnati Reds: Jake Fraley bobblehead

The Reds' Viking tradition apparently began because former teammate Luis Cessa thought Jake Fraley looked like a Viking. Now, the team has taken on its own Viking traditions. How is a home run celebrated? When a player reaches the dugout, he is draped in a cape, and a Viking helmet is bestowed upon his head. Then, the bat is presented as a sword, for the player, wishing him luck in his next battle.

Thus, the Reds’ Jake Fraley bobblehead is adorned with all three: the cape, the Viking helmet, and the bat.

Grade: C+ — I like the idea of a bobblehead dedicated to a theme that encapsulates a ballclub. I just take issue with a bobblehead of a current player being the best and most creative promotion a team can come up with for the entire 2024 calendar.

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Cleveland Guardians: Obi-”Kwan” Kenobi bobblehead

Having Guardians outfielder Steven Kwan in jedi garb with a blue lightsaber looks great, but being able to combine his name with Obi-Wan Kenobi works seamlessly. Kwan appears to be the main player marketed this season by the Guardians. Keep in mind, this bobblehead is not a giveaway. A special promo ticket package is required.

Grade: C — Credit to Cleveland for taking advantage of May 4 as its "Star Wars" promo day. Several other teams have home games May 4, but only the Guardians are giving out memorabilia from the sci-fi classic on "Star Wars Day."

I think the bobblehead could’ve been a bit better, if in one hand he was holding a lightsaber, and a glove in the other; as Kwan has now won back-to-back Gold Glove Awards. Overall, it’s a weak promo calendar for the Guardians. This just happens to be the best of a not-so-great bunch. And it can’t be much higher than a C, when it isn’t the best Star Wars bobblehead in the league.

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Colorado Rockies: Todd Helton bobblehead

Well, it was long overdue, but Todd Helton will finally be memorialized in Cooperstown. It’s hard to argue with anyone else as the best player in franchise history. Helton is the Rockies’ all-time leader in games played, hits, runs scored, home runs, RBIs ... you get the point.

So, to honor Helton, Colorado is giving out bobbleheads to the first 30,000 fans on Todd Helton Day at Coors Field.

Grade: C- — Colorado has several event promotions that don’t involve giveaways, and those can certainly be worthwhile. But we’re looking at the best collectibles, and for that, the Rockies don’t have much to offer. Considering there is no design of the bobblehead yet on the team website, there isn’t much to work with right now for a grade.

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Detroit Tigers: Jim Leyland starter pack

Congratulations to Leyland for his election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Leyland won nearly 1,800 games as a big-league skipper and led the Marlins to a World Series in their inaugural season in 1997. While he never brought a title to Detroit, he did find his most consistent and successful years with the Tigers, leading the team to two World Series and four ALCS in eight seasons.

To celebrate his induction into the Hall of Fame, the Tigers are giving away a “Jim Leyland Starter Pack”, which includes a Tigers hat, sunglasses and a fake mustache. (No, Leyland's famed dugout cigarettes are not included.) This will be complimentary to the first 15,000 fans in attendance.

Grade: B+ — I’d love to know what the 79-year-old Leyland thinks about 15,000 fans dressing up just like him. I’m sure this is something he approved of, but it must be a tad odd. It’s a unique promotion, without a doubt, but if you look at the actual contents of the starter pack as memorabilia you want to hold onto, there’s really nothing there worth saving besides the hat. And there’s nothing unique about the hat.

So, Detroit certainly gets high marks for creativity, but it’s brought down by what fans are actually receiving. (Throw in a pack of smokes, and we'll go from a B+ to an A.)

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Houston Astros: Autism Awareness Night jersey

But I am making an exception for the Astros, because this is a promotion funded by a player’s charity. And while all the causes honored by MLB clubs this season are worth celebrating, I feel it’s important to highlight one where a player is putting his money where his mouth is.

Bregman Cares, the non-profit organization headed by Houston third baseman Alex Bregman, supplied Autism Awareness jerseys for fans who purchased a special ticket. The add-on was $25 to receive the Bregman jersey, which features a patch that reads, “Astros Autism Awareness.” And both the “Astros” logo on the front of the jersey and the “Bregman” name and number “19” are made up of puzzle pieces put together to complete the letters and numbers.

Grade: A — I think this one is self-explanatory.

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Kansas City Royals: Pasquatch bobblehead

So, why not keep the comedy going with the Pasquatch bobblehead. During 2023, when Vinnie Pasquantino would reach base safely, a Sasquatch could be seen roaming left field at Kauffman Stadium.

The Royals picked up on the trend and committed to the bit as well, as can be seen here.

The first 15,000 fans to attend will receive a bobblehead of Pasquantino with a Sasquatch roaming in the back.

Grade: B — This is a great bit, and one Pasquantino reportedly loves playing his part in. But this shouldn’t be the best promotion during the entire season. The Royals earn points for comedy, but lose points for lack of creativity elsewhere.

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Los Angeles Angels: "City Connect" cooler backpack

Some might argue that the "Star Wars"-themed "Mandalorian" rally monkey stuffed animal is better. But the colors and design more closely resemble the villain Moff Gideon, rather than the hero Din Djarin. Plus, based on the online photo, there doesn’t appear to be an Angels logo anywhere on the doll.

Grade: A- — Any non-clothing, team-issued gear that can be used for a beach day or hiking or a day in the park, earns points for creativity and sensibility — but it’s certainly not flashy in any way. A boring design brings this great item down to an A-.

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Los Angeles Dodgers: Millennium Falcon Figurine

I don’t know if this item is going to make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, but it sure will make both "Star Wars" fans and Dodgers fans happy.

The collectible features the Millennium Falcon flying over Dodger Stadium via a spring. It doesn’t appear that there is any writing at the base of the item, and it is only available with the purchase of a special ticket.

Grade: B — It’s certainly the best and most creative "Star Wars" promotion in baseball this season. There’s zero doubt about it. But the Dodgers are expected to have the most expensive tickets in the league this season. And I believe the believe the best promos (for the most part) are the ones that are accessible to everyone. If a family of four is spending hundreds of dollars just to get in the park, I doubt the parents are going to want to toss in more money for a "Star Wars" figurine.

The promotion is also May 6; and the Dodgers have a home game May 4. Seems like an easy switch.

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Miami Marlins: Mystery jerseys

In an effort to capitalize on both players, the Marlins introduced two “out there” promotional jerseys. The first 4,000 fans for each jersey — 8,000 in total — will receive either a Chisholm Jr. jersey where he is being abducted by a UFO, or a Burger jersey featuring ... hamburgers.

The Burger shirt is self-explanatory. Chisholm Jr.’s is an ode to his alien chain that he frequently wears during games and batting practice. Again, his flair is one of a kind.

Grade: B – I love the Chisholm Jr. jersey. It’s in Marlins colors, so that certainly is a bonus, but anything to promote him is smart thinking by the Marlins. The Burger jersey feels forced, very forced. I think this would have been better if there were simply 8,000 jerseys for Chisholm Jr.

Milwaukee Brewers: Fonzie bronze sculpture bobblehead

The ABC sitcom, which was set in Milwaukee, starred Hollywood legends such as Marion Ross as Marion Cunningham and Ron Howard as Richie Cunningham. But perhaps no character was as important to the show as Henry Winkler’s Arthur Fonzarelli, better known as “Fonzie."

In 2008, artist Gerlad P. Sawyer immortalized Fonzie in the city with a bronze statue downtown. The Brewers are selling bobbleheads of the bronze statue in honor of the show’s golden anniversary season. The series aired for 11 seasons and 255 episodes.

Grade: A — Two thumbs-up for the Brewers with this bobblehead. The Brew Crew check off the anniversary as well as honoring one of Milwaukee’s greatest treasures.

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Minnesota Twins: Twins Rubik’s Cube

It was tough to decide which promotion to choose for the Twins. It was between the Rubik’s Cube or the T.C. Bear (mascot) "Squishie" Pillow. But I gave the nod to the Rubik’s Cube because it will last longer, and it’s a bit more unique.

2024 marks the 50th anniversary of the invention of the Rubik’s Cube. And the Twins are the only MLB team to honor Ernő Rubik’s mastermind creation. It’s a puzzle that has stood the test of time and continues to stump great minds today.

Grade: C+ — It’s something no other team is doing, so that earns some points. But it’s also something that distracts you from the game. But maybe that’s what the Twins want. They haven’t won a playoff series since the 2002 ALDS. What comes first? Minnesota reaches the ALCS, or I complete the team Rubik’s cube (I’ve never gotten past a single side).

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New York Mets: Mercury Mets Piazza jersey

These were just a few descriptions of the “Mercury Mets” uniforms from the team's 5-1 loss to the Pirates in the summer of 1999. Century 21, which had just purchased rights to the Home Run Derby, was then leading MLB’s “Turn Ahead the Clock” campaign.

Just one season before, the Mariners strutted out jerseys in a futuristic style that exploded on the stage. They were instant hits. Of 30 MLB teams, 22 signed on to the promotion by 1999. According to Kit Geis, the Mets marketing director at the time, the team wanted its jerseys to stand out. Mission accomplished as these jerseys made it appear the team played on the closest planet to the sun.

Orel Hershiser had a chance to win his 200th game in the jerseys, but reportedly didn’t want the win to come while wearing them. Teammate Turk Wendell called them “super ugly." The promotion was a colossal mess. But they’re coming back 25 years later, as the first 15,000 fans to show up to Citi Field on July 27 will receive replica Mike Piazza jerseys.

Grade: A — The funniest people are the ones who can laugh at themselves. The Mets will score big with this promotion. Anything that could be looked upon as the worst uniform in history is going to ultimately become a huge collector’s item. And credit to the Mets for bringing this back 25 years later, ultimately now able to joke about it and laugh at themselves.

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New York Yankees: George Costanza bobblehead

Costanza, played by actor Jason Alexander, worked for the Bronx Bombers during seasons 5-8 of Seinfeld, during which time he infamously suggested changing the uniforms to cotton. The Yankees announced the promotion on Twitter, with the caption “Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle ... Costanza?!?

The first 18,000 fans in attendance will receive the complimentary bobblehead, which showcases George from the “abstinence” episode in which he gave hitting advice to Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams. “Hitting is not about muscle,” Costanza said while mashing home runs. “It’s simple physics.”

Grade: A — Anniversary? Check. Cultural phenomenon? Check. The fact that it’s complimentary for the first 18,000 fans? Check. The Yankees and George knock it out of the park with this bobblehead. Read the backstory of how the Yankees came up with this promo and chose the date.

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Oakland A’s: Satchel Paige rocking chair bobblehead

Paige’s career is one of the greatest stories in baseball history. His career spanned five decades, most of which were spent in the Negro Leagues, before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947. Paige was already 40 by this point, and yet, still won a World Series and was named an MLB All-Star twice.

Grade: B — The A’s honoring Paige with a rocking chair bobblehead is only fitting, as there is a famous photo of him relaxing in a rocking chair before his final MLB start. Dressing him in a Kansas City jersey and hat, rather than Oakland, is an important historical touch as well.

My questions are related to the anniversaries. It’s 58 years since his final professional appearance, but 59 since his final appearance for the A’s. Why honor his final professional outing, rather than his final team outing. That takes this promo from low A-/high B+ down to a solid B.

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Philadelphia Phillies: Phanatic children’s book

In honor of “Phanatic About Reading Day," the Phillies have a book about the famed mascot and his own baseball team from Packawomack. Any child aged 14 and under will receive the complimentary 32-page book designed by Harry Moore, a former scoreboard animator for the Phillies and Eagles.

Grade A- — The Phillies have thought of an idea that no one else is doing in baseball and partnered it with a promotion for reading. Combining fandom and education is always going to earn high marks. But I don’t imagine many 13- and 14-year-olds are going to want a children’s book. This appears to be much more geared to kids in the 5- or 6-year-old range. If there was a partnering promotion more geared toward teenagers, that would bring this grade up to a full A.

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Pittsburgh Pirates: Dave Parker “Cobra” bobblehead

Nonetheless, Pittsburgh is honoring its legendary outfielder in late May with a “Cobra” bobblehead for the first 20,000 fans in attendance.

The bobblehead commemorates the 45th anniversary of the 1979 World Series team, which defeated the Orioles in a hard-fought seven-game series. Just one year after winning NL MVP in 1978, Parker hit .345 in the Fall Classic with four RBIs. In addition to his MVP and World Series trophy, Parker was a four-time All-Star with Pittsburgh (seven overall appearances).

Grade: B — The cobra surrounding Parker on the box, in addition to the slithering font, is aesthetically tremendous. But there doesn’t seem to be any relevance to the date. The Pirates have a home game two weeks later, on Parker’s birthday. Plus, the Reds honored Parker last year with a street named after him. So, it seems like Pittsburgh could’ve gone bigger, especially considering what Parker did for the franchise.

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St. Louis Cardinals: "Shark Week" hat

The hats, presented by the St. Louis Aquarium, also feature four different types of sharks circling the team logo on the front of the hat, as well as a “Shark Week” decal on the side.

St. Louis upped its "Shark Week" game from a season ago, when the team presented bobbleheads of outfielder Lars Nootbar riding a shark like a surfboard. While the bobblehead certainly earned creativity points, the shark bite taken out of the brim earns a 10/10 score for collector’s items.

Grade: A — The Cardinals have about five or six different promotions this season that would be the top promotion for almost any other team in baseball. Whether it be a Rawlings baseball glove, an Adam Wainwright puzzle or a Cardinals Build-a-Bear, St. Louis came to play this year in the gift department.

The "Shark Week" hat tops them all though. It’s like an MVP award going to the best player on the best team. Automatic A grade.

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San Diego Padres: Tony Gwynn Henley jersey

Mr. Padre was arguably the best pure hitter baseball has ever seen. His only year ever hitting below .300 was his rookie season in 1982, where he hit .289 in 54 games. During the 1990s, he never struck out 30 times in one season. And in 1999, he became the first player in San Diego history with 3,000 hits.

Grade: B- — I appreciate honoring greatness, but the actual anniversary was Aug. 6, not Aug. 12. I also take issue with the Padres presenting the giveaway as a jersey. It’s a Henley T-shirt. There’s nothing wrong with a Henley T-shirt. But ultimately, someone will be disappointed because they thought they were receiving a jersey.

Lastly, and I understand it’s a sponsored event, but it feels wrong to feature a SERVPRO logo on a shirt honoring the greatest player in franchise history for perhaps his greatest accomplishment. Nonetheless, 40,000 fans will be able to take home a Tony Gwynn anniversary shirt, and that is nothing to scoff at.

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San Francisco Giants: 2014 World Series champion aloha shirts

That iconic photo and more are heralded on San Francisco’s 10-year World Series anniversary aloha shirts. On the day honoring the team that cemented a dynasty, the first 20,000 fans will receive these picturesque shirts.

Grade: A — I love the idea of creating a promotion that gives fans a piece of memorabilia to wear to games. Jerseys have become so expensive, and simply attending games has become very expensive. Plus, the design is terrific. The Giants have several themed nights featuring “aloha” shirts, including a “Beat L.A.” one, but the World Series anniversary shirt undoubtedly tops them all.

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Seattle Mariners: Oktoberfest stein

The Mariners are the only team in baseball to offer an Oktoberfest-themed promotion this season. Other teams, such as the Giants and Reds, have done them in previous years. Fans can receive the Mariners-themed stein with the purchase of a theme ticket and are encouraged to wear their best dirndls and lederhosen.

Grade: A- — The idea is great, the execution is good. The Mariners are offering a promotion with a collectible that will last however long you want the stein to live in your kitchen. I just simply think the actual design of the stein could be better. But it’s a limited-edition Oktoberfest stein. At the end of the day, that can be no lower than an A-.

Tampa Bay Rays: Randy Arozarena "luchador mask"

Arozarena isn’t actually from Mexico nor does he have Mexican heritage. He is from Cuba, but found home in Mexico when he defected from Cuba at age 19. It was in Mexico that he found a home and was able to continue to play baseball until signing with the St. Louis Cardinals at age 22. The refuge that Mexico offered Arozarena prompted the superstar to become a Mexican citizen and represent Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.

Thus, on Cinco De Mayo, the Rays are honoring Arozarena’s journey to Major League Baseball with a luchador mask painted in Rays’ colors with the No. 56 and “Arozarena” dotting the sides.

**Grade: A ** — The mask itself deserves an A, as well as being the only team in MLB to do such a standout promotion on Cinco de Mayo. But reading Arozarena’s story as well about how Mexico became his home, absolutely earns Tampa Bay an A.

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Texas Rangers: Corey Seager 2023 World Series MVP bobblehead

The first 15,000 fans will receive a Corey Seager 2023 World Series MVP bobblehead. After posting a career-low .245 AVG in his inaugural season in Texas in 2022, Seager exploded in 2023 en route to a second-place finish for AL MVP. Seager led the AL in doubles, while hitting .327 with 33 HRs and 96 RBIs.

But he will forever be immortalized for bringing the Rangers their first World Series in franchise history. After a dominant showing in the first three rounds of the 2023 postseason, Seager hit three HRs and drove in six runs to lead Texas to a 4-1 series victory over the Diamondbacks.

As the first World Series MVP in team history, even more importantly, Seager will be honored with the first World Series MVP bobblehead in team history.

Grade: C — The most predictable promos are those of champions, pennant winners individual award winners. Failing to come up with an original idea that can top one of those three leaves a lot to be desired. The Rangers pass ... barely.

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Toronto Blue Jays: Canadian tuxedo hat giveaway

The origin of the Canadian Tuxedo dates back to 1951, when Bing Crosby was denied entry to a Vancouver hotel because he was wearing a jean jacket and pants, both made by Levi’s. In response, Levi’s created an all-denim tuxedo for Crosby with a stitching on the inside that read “Notice to All Hotel Men.”

So, Toronto decided to celebrate both historic events, offering the Canadian Tuxedo hat on Canada Day. If the Blue Jays want to be super creative, there will be a stitching on the inside that will read “Notice to All AL Teams.”

Grade: A- – The lack of a comment stitch on the inside leaves a bit to be desired. For that reason, Toronto gets knocked down to an A-, but it’s still a top-notch promotion.

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Washington Nationals: "Christmas in July" tank top sweater

Rather than watch fans bake in the sweltering summer heat while wearing their best team ugly sweater, the Nats have elected to cut the sleeves off, making them ugly sweater tank tops. Props to Washington for thinking about the perfect mix of style (or lack thereof) and comfort.

The first 20,000 fans in attendance will be able to cheer on their Nationals while also securing a new way to shine during the holidays.

Grade: A- — The Nats nail holiday and beach attire in one, just barely edging out their five-year World Series anniversary photo set. The ugly sweater tank top wins out because it’s memorabilia you can show off anywhere.

The sweater would be an A if it just a bit more ridiculous looking. It is SUPPOSED to be an ugly sweater.

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