New card releases: 2024 Tier One Baseball, 2023 Fleer Ultra Marvel Wolverine

Fleer Ultra Marvel Wolverine arrives just in time for new "Deadpool & Wolverine" movie

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This week’s lineup of new card releases is led by one of Topps’ high-end products and a new Marvel offering for non-sports collectors.

Here’s a dive into the key details to know before you buy either.

2024 Topps Tier One Baseball

Release date: Wednesday

Memorabilia cards drive the high-end price for 2024 Topps Tier One Baseball.
Memorabilia cards drive the high-end price for 2024 Topps Tier One Baseball.

Overview: A key part of Topps’ high-end lineup, Tier One returns for 2024 with another boom-or-bust format of autographs and memorabilia.

With just four total cards per box, the cost-per-card is about $75, depending on the secondary-market price. While Tier One offers some of the nicest cards in the hobby, collectors should show caution when purchasing.

Parallels: While autographs and memorabilia cards are the focus of Tier One Baseball, 2024 does deliver 15 new autograph parallels and five new foil colors, including Blue Foil (/99 or less), Green Foil (/49 or less), Red Foil (/25 or less), Silver Foil (/10 or less) and Gold (1/1).

Autos and relics: As expected, a lineup of new autographs and relics land in 2024 Tier One Baseball. All-new for this cycle are Autographed Dual Relics Bat cards, Autographed Tier One Jumbo Relics — these pair veterans, rookies and retired players together — and Autographed Tier One Relics.

Bat Knobs, Limited Lumber, Gripping Relics, All-Star Jumbo Patches and Prodigious Patches all return. Tier One Relics Die-Cut and Top Shelf Relics are all-new and are 1/1s.

Hobby configuration: One pack per box, four cards per pack Hobby box break: Two autographs, one memorabilia card, one base card or parallel Secondary market price: $299.95 (subject to change)

2023 Upper Deck Fleer Ultra Marvel Wolverine

Release date: Wednesday

Overview: Upper Deck pairs one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes with a signature trading card brand for 2023 Fleer Ultra Marvel Wolverine. The 100-card base set features original art with five parallels, including printing plates and 1/1s, for each.

Collectors new to the Marvel space should note that, while this product does heavily feature Wolverine, a variety of characters are included.

Inserts: A large lineup of inserts will be a major draw with Great Battles, Team Affiliates, Aliases and X-23 playing key parts. Fleer Ultra Pop Culture inserts feature SP and SSP variations while adding a comic-book twist to the backgrounds.

Ultrabilities are printed on Rainbow Foilboard and showcase each character using their abilities. The Jambalaya and eX Century inserts are expected to be popular chases for collectors.

Visually similar to the ultra-popular Precious Metal Gems sets, Medallions return with Gold, Platinum Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green parallels. Opal Black Parallel Medallions are 1/1s.

Adamantium metal insert cards are expected to be another popular chase while the 3x3 set features nine cards that fit together to form a puzzle.

Autos and relics: Comic Cuts return and feature pieces of comic books inserted into cards. Comic Cuts also include autographed and dual autographed variations.

Animation Cel inserts are poised to be popular chases as well.

Hobby configuration: Six cards per pack, 12 packs per box Hobby box break: One Medallions, eX Century, Fleer Ultra Pop Culture, Family Genealogy, Ultrabilities and 3x3, on average Secondary market price: $259.95

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