GameStop buying PSA-graded trading cards for cash, in-store credit

Video game retailer says it will offer a maximum of $500 per trading card

Cover Image for GameStop buying PSA-graded trading cards for cash, in-store credit
GameStop will purchase trading cards with a PSA grade of 8 or above. (Getty Images)

Amid renewed "meme stock" frenzy this week, GameStop announced Tuesday it would be accepting PSA-graded trading cards and paying cash.

The announcement, which comes as the company’s stock has surged more than 200% since the market opened Monday, is limited to PSA slabs graded 8 or higher and tops out at $500 in cash or in-store credit.

How GameStop intends to handle the inventory of trading cards is unclear.

GameStop has long been known for its video game trade-in policy, and the addition of trading cards to this existing program appears to be further evidence the company is leaning into collectibles, a category which has represented the company’s fasted-growing segment, rising to $754 million net sales (14.3 percent of its total) in 2023.

IGN reported the initiative will focus on Pokémon cards, though no category limitation has been declared by GameStop, which features two baseball cards and a basketball card on its new landing page for "Graded Collectibles."

As for the retailer’s apparent commitment to PSA, there is no official relationship between the two companies, a spokesperson for PSA told cllct.

The decision to restrict trade-ins to PSA slabs was made independently by GameStop, clearly as a quick solution to ease concerns of authenticity by using an established brand in the industry.

The company wrote on its "Questions & Answers" page that its team is “trained to analyze PSA graded cards for authenticity” and specifically referenced the “Lighthouse label,” which is PSA’s trademarked tamper-evident holder.

GameStop has not revealed how it plans to value graded cards, only stating that offers are final.

Will Stern is a reporter and editor for cllct.