Michael Jackson memorabilia: Ranking his top 10 collectibles

On the 15th anniversary of Jackson's death, his memorabilia remains in high demand

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Michael Jackson collectibles regularly rank among the most expensive for any musician.

On the 15th anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, we take a look at some of his top-selling and most interesting collectibles.

The market for Jackson memorabilia remains one of the most expensive of any musician, with countless sales of his stage-worn outfits and other items reaching well into five figures — and some much more.

The demand for Jackson-related pieces saw a massive surge in the aftermath of his death, and, despite the unavoidable controversy that has tainted his reputation, he remains highly collectible.

The jacket from Jackson's "Thriller" music video is one of the most iconic pieces of music memorabilia from the 1980s.
The jacket from Jackson's "Thriller" music video is one of the most iconic pieces of music memorabilia from the 1980s.

1. “Thriller” music video jacket ($1.81 million)

Arguably the most iconic piece of fashion ever donned by a musician, the jacket from Jackson’s “Thriller” music video sold at Julien’s in 2011 for more than $1.8 million (against an estimate of $200,000-$400,000). The jacket is one of two used in the filming of the video, with the other belonging to the Jackson estate.

2. Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan signed basketball from “Jam” music video ($304,000)

Julien’s put an absurdly low estimate of $600-$800 on this ball, used in the filming of Jackson’s “Jam” music video with Jordan and signed by them both. Unsurprisingly, it shattered that mark, surpassing $300,000 in 2010.

3. Andy Warhol Michael Jackson portrait ($1 million+)

A crossover between the “King of Pop” and the master of pop art, this 1984 portrait of Jackson created by Warhol was commissioned to celebrate sales of the "Thriller" album. The portrait was purchased in May 2009 at Sotheby’s for $278,500 and quickly sold in the wake of Jackson’s death, reaching more than $1 million in a private deal in August of the same year.

4. 1990 Sega Genesis Michael Jackson’s "Moonwalker" ($38,400)

Though most wouldn’t associate Jackson with video games, this 1990 Sega Genesis title, which implored gamers to “Moonwalk on muggers” in order to defeat villains, is extraordinarily rare to find in sealed condition. Wata has only authenticated nine sealed examples total, with this copy the only 9.8 in the population report. It sold at Heritage in January 2021.

5. 1984 Michael Jackson “Pepsi Commercial” socks ($21,250)

The socks worn by Jackson in the 1984 “New Generation” Pepsi commercial, in which he appeared along with other members of the Jackson family, were custom-made for the commercial and studded with crystals. They sold at Heritage in November 2019, along with a signed letter from Jackson.

One of Jackson's gloves topped $200,000 at Julien's in 2012.
One of Jackson's gloves topped $200,000 at Julien's in 2012.

6. Michael Jackson “Fantasy” glove ($200,000)

Julien’s sold one of Jackson’s iconic gloves, covered in Swarovski crystal and rhinestones, for $200,000 in 2012. Multiple gloves of Jackson’s have sold for tens of thousands of dollars at auction.

7. Signed record collection ($15,360)

In 2012, Julien’s sold a pack of nine single record albums, each signed by Jackson, for over $15,000 — more than three times the pre-sale estimate. Singles exhibited in the plastic case include "Beat It," "Thriller," "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough," and "Billie Jean."

8. Signed “Thriller” contract ($2,880)

A contract, signed by Jackson and dated Oct. 10, 1983 for the Screen Actors Guild Security Agreement for the production of “Thriller,” sold at Julien’s in 2016.

9. Signed costume sketch ($9,100)

Jackson created this pencil sketch of himself in a full-length coat, including annotations regarding details such as "leather straps" and "black chiffon." Julien’s sold the piece, signed and inscribed by Jackson, in May 2023.

10. MTV Moonman Award ($9,100)

An MTV Moonman award, presented to the supergroup responsible for “We Are the World” at the 1985 MTV Video Music Awards, sold at Julien’s in May 2023. The award was previously owned by Jackson.

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